An Interesting last week of June

The drilling program and the Bathymetric Survey were both completed last on June 30.

Four core holes were drilled, two on the Weir island and one on each side of the river. We had anticipated reaching bedrock at 25-30 meters, but we found it at 37m on the island, and 47m an 50m at each abutment area. Testing and sampling were performed throughout the boreholes so now we have very, very good geological and geotechnical data to perform design analyses that meets all the provincial and federal requirements including seismology.

Glaciers on Vancouver Island about 15,000 to 20,000 years ago helped form our Cowichan Valley. As the glaciers receded they cut and formed and deposited materials throughout the valley. It is these glacial deposits that we are finding above the bedrock. Understanding the characteristics of these deposits are key to understanding design options.

A bathymetric survey exactly measures the lake and river beds. We performed a detailed survey on either side of the existing weir on June 30th. This is also necessary to inform the design.

The Public Survey has been coming in steadily with over 160 received so far. It’s too early to share the information, but it is providing valuable insight into what you think – Thank you for responding.

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