Of the 239 total respondents, 54% live or own a recreational property in the Cowichan Valley District. To compare responses, they were compiled into three charts: all respondents, resident or property owners, and non-residents/non-property owners. In general, the charts are fairly similar (within 6% on average), with some exceptions.

The paddler community was very active in the survey and in the all respondents chart, 78% of survey respondents would really like/like to see recreation opportunities included in the design if possible. When broken down into the two other charts, this was less supported by residents or property owners at 59% and more strongly supported by non-residents/non-property owners at 99%. There were comments supporting recreational opportunities as well as comments expressing concern about conflicts with the environment and cost. Comments expressed a general understanding that fish passage is the priority.

Incorporating or connecting the weir into the surrounding park and trail system also has a strong positive response of 82% that would really like/like to see this feature.

Responses for including a walkway across the weir, interpretive signs, a small hydro power producing option, stamped concrete, and public art were between 50-70% in favour of the options presented (really like/like to see the feature/option). Responses fall below 50% for using inlays in the concrete (47%), coating the steel elements in colour (35%), and incorporating artwork into the steel elements (42%).

Participants are supportive of features that will connect the weir to the community. This includes incorporating the weir into the surrounding park and trail system, including interpretive signs, and involving local artists (notably from the First Nations communities) where opportunities permit.
Participants are generally supportive of the project and are mostly concerned with a functional weir that is cost effective. Comments also noted concerns about budget, money, and who is responsible for maintenance.

To see the detailed results of the survey, including all comments received, please see the PDF full report.