It has been an interesting and successful start to our field program. There is small island at the existing weir between the concrete weir and the control gates. With little geologic or geotechnical information available, we wanted to get out there and drill a couple of boreholes.

With a lot of planning and ingenuity, we were able to source a local barge and load the 38,000 lb drill rig and all the supplies and transfer it over to the island – that was a win. Drilling started on Tuesday afternoon and we reached 30 feet by end of the day.

We really, really wanted to find bedrock in this area as it has not been done before and it is critical to our design process. We anticipated bedrock at 75 to 90 feet, but at the end of the day Wednesday we finally found bedrock at 138 feet. Yahoo! The second island hole started on Thursday morning. 2 more holes, one at each abutment will also be competed over the several days.

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