Cowichan Lake Shoreline Assessment Final Report

This report presents the project approach and methodology; data collection, ground-truthing, and base mapping; lakeshore analysis; mapping and impacts assessment, and a summary of the findings of the shoreline assessment. Limitations of the report, proposed adaptive management, and recommendations are also included in the report.

Appendix A – Project Approach and Methodology

Documents the approach taken to complete the objectives of the project.

Appendix B – Mapping, Field Work, Shoreline Characterization

Documents the ‘as-is’ or current shoreline conditions as a base starting point for analysis.

Appendix C – Present Natural Boundary

Documents the current position of the natural boundary for analysis purposes. Not used to re-define existing legal boundaries.

Appendix D – Inflow Water Analysis

Models past and future water inflow and outflow conditions. Take into account climate change models for this region.

Appendix E – Wave Energy Assessment

Uses wind energy and lake conditions to model wave energy changes due to a raised weir.

Appendix F – Future Boundary Analysis

Takes into account new conditions created by a raised weir to determine likely changes to the natural boundary.

Appendix G – Property Impacts Report

Imposes all future new conditions created by a raised weir onto each of the 867 properties around Cowichan Lake. Creates a set of possible impacts and measures those impacts on a property by property basis.