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Please join us for a live presentation on July 8, 2021.
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9 thoughts on “July 8 Project Update

  1. Will the Shoreline Assessment include parts of the river? There are many homes close to the river that are affected by high levels seasonally. If rain happens to be excessive after the weir is built and there needs to be a release of water, how will this affect these homes and properties?

    1. The assessment will look at some of the properties along the river but not it’s entire length. The early assessment work shows that the flow down the river through the new weir would not be any higher than what has already been experienced over the past 60 years, even if there was a release. The highest flow condition will still be in the winter months when the weir is totally submerged and has no control over flows, similar to what happens with the existing weir.

  2. Have there been any power generation options explored with the new design? There are several very low head turbines available that could be implemented (as little as 0.6m) These would not only offset the building costs but also provide a reliable power source and help us towards a greener future. There is a serious lack of renewable power in Lake Cowichan!

    1. Hydro power was briefly explored and it didn’t have the cost/benefit to pursue much further. These units add additional installation cost and ongoing maintenance costs. They also require local expertise to continually manage and maintain. If a cold water siphon system were to be set up, it may provide a more cost effective, steady state and reliable scenario to utilize hydro electricity.
      Solar panels seem to be more viable at this stage with the opportunity to locate them on top of the control building and the on top of the gate structure.

      1. Once you’ve allowed a hydro option to function, would it only become bigger in time as demand is increased with population? The Heritage River designation would be revoked. Protections on a Federal level are against such development – as well as a limit to recreation sports on the river.

      2. At this point a hydro option is not be pursued and is not part of the final design.

  3. During construction, what measures will be made to safeguard spawning areas in the river from silt.

    1. During construction there will be pumps inside the coffer walls (inside the construction site) to capture the seepage and this will then be treated to minimize silt discharge. There will also be silt curtains to capture and minimize siltation as well as onsite water monitoring to ensure standards are adhered to.

    2. Great design. Will there be cameras monitoring this from each end.? Over this past tourist filled weekend there was a group of 7 young men that were inside the boundary of the weir. They were kicking the hell out of the metal door that has a lock on it trying to get up the stairs… To get on top and jump off there into the water. There is the dock that kids were swimming on which is wonderful that was put there. A lot of small fry can be seen on the inside shoreline of the dock…but the kids were jumping in shoreside there trying to catch them… sigh yes…..Saywell Park is a beautiful location for beach access to the water. It was in the 80s and we all get he reason with the repair the shorelines….fine and dandy… at the same time wanting to Promoting tourism. Saywell Park. This end of town was so quiet no one walking around or using the beach volleyball net or the park. A couple from Victoria that was staying at cabins here for two weeks… I met them on a walk… seniors. They asked where can we walk to get to water access in this town. They were sitting on the bench looking at the wall of scrubby brush…..while listening to the kids jumping in and splashing off the dock….. Nice bench well kept grounds but the walkway and nothing to sit and look at but a wall of weeds. Gravel used to be there the beach was more than 60 foot stretch that as kids families and at school our class teachers took us there. It was beach access to the water,. Then it was called Hippy Park. For the tourism end of town here…people want the water access and the seniors that live in the buildings close by. Tour buses come here with seniors and stop but they have zero water access seniors that live here with the walkers. How nice for them would it be to have that access as well as tax paying citizens. Would you consideration this stretch of waterfront be considered as beach access in the final design? So this new walkway can be seen from the park….that beach point access to the water. This change to become water access would have the park being used again and promote that end of town for all the businesses at this end. To have more exposure other than just to Country grocer end of town and the tubing from the dock at the Riverside. This end of town is lacking not getting the walking tourism exposure that it was and could have all the time …..Sit at the park at Saywell see the weir and look up the mouth of the river to the lake. To sit there on the bench and be able to watch the kids swim and the town has many seniors. How wonderful for them to be able to go and stick a toe in the water… Kids using the volley ball net….hot out after a game run down the beach access there and go for a dip then hey A&W is right there go grab something and have a picnic right there at the park….go for a evening at Jakes after being there at the beach and park….Subway is right there…. Fish n Chip is there J&Vs is there …… It is sad that the town has over fifty thousand going to the Ranch up the road and this end of town had nothing going on. The beach and water access point to keep the beach all gravel and the slope into the river right there would not affect the Salmon enhancement as being gravel they come and spawn and do what they are doing in the months that no one is there….too cold. Then there is the safety issues without being able to see the water there. With a visible water access point promoting safety….. Sadly there was a drowning on this sight. a the weir. There was no visible way to see the young man was in need of help / rescue with the overgrowth on this beach with the benches looking into the wall of scrubby growth …on this stretch of park land that was donated to the town. His body was located a day after. It is a constant reminder every time I see the kids there swimming no adults present and no one can see for safety sake. Through this wall of scrubby mosquito brush. that a while ago we were asked to keep back from stagnant water on the shore line…. happening because of the bird flu and other mosquito water borne spreaders which is still alive and well. Another reparian zone consideration in residential beach area front for homeowners remember this as it was not long ago when they were asked to clear the areas in front of the beach property to stop the spread of mosquito breeding grounds so then all of a sudden that changed ??? .. No it did not and the CDC yes the threat is still there for humans from mosquito bite carrying disease property owners have been told do this because and do that because the small areas that they occupy will not affect the area as the fish find their way all the way to the end of the Lake at Heather campsite and Nixon Creek Sutton Creek Robertson River … Ok… so one narrative to the next…. so now back to The tourist sitting there and staring at the wall of brush. Mosquito breeding area. This portion of beach front would as an open beach for public access be more profitable to the businesses at this end of town. Water access point and to be able to see the new walkway as well. A thought for your time and consideration. Forward thinking. There are two blue signs one says water access with an arrow look for it next time you drive through town….then find the next one. so you follow that and it takes you to Lakeview beach park. There is limited public parking for people there. It is a boat launch and maybe room for five cars tops. Then look at The duckpond was packed as well this weekend….. Saywell Park zero all those businesses missed out. Central Park Zero people and there are NEW public washrooms ….why it is overlooked ????? there is no little gravel path from the beach river right there for the people tubing to leave the river and use the washrooms! This would eliminate the stories of tubers going to use the dock three houses down from here for a public display….. Water access keeps people near n dear to them. It is a missed opportunity by the town for access at both of these parks…….. Ok think this was long enough. The camera question to keep vandals at bay. As at the Duckpond bridge the vandals have thrown these things into the river …. tires tire riims bicycles that get thrown in…grocery carts …styrofoam coolers… someone dumped a toilet in there it was smashed all over the river bottom….so with a small walkway that the deck surface is falling apart. Who is going to be responsible for watching this walkway and surface maintenance 24/ 7 with this type of unwanted vandal that sadly does happen at the small walkway at the Duckpond…. Thanks you for your time and consideration in reading this. Michelle. If you build it they will come …… 😉

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