Our June 16th meeting platform Link (WebEx) failed us last night. We have used the same set up for the past 2 years without issue, however, last night it simply did not work and we could not get it resolved in time to continue. Sorry.

We did record a version of the proposed presentation which will be made available today on this website.

We plan to have another public meeting but it will take time as we need to go through the notification process which includes mail outs to all the property owners. We cannot simply email everyone as we do not have that information.

As many people do not reside on their Cowichan Lake property, we have found the virtual meeting platform to be the most inclusive way to hold these meetings.

2 thoughts on “Apologies

    1. Many of the lake front property owners do not reside at the property or near Cowichan Lake. This gives everyone access to attend this public meeting. We also received good attendance at the previous virtual public meetings and thought it a good idea to continue with this format.

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