What’s Happening?

The work continues in two key areas. The Shoreline Assessment project has been delayed a couple of months primarily due to our consultant being pulled away to higher priority work in support of the severe flooding throughout the Abbotsford area in November and December. However we are now back on task and will have our work done by the end of May 2022 with another virtual public meeting in June. The Property View Tool is still currently available for all to use where you can zoom into your property and see the elevations of various measures. See the ‘Property View Tool’ TAB at the home page of this site.

The Cowichan Weir License and Ownership work is also underway to determine a number of issues such as ownership, licensing, liabilities and cost structures for capital, maintenance and operation. Until this is sorted out there cannot be a license application, approvals or any construction. It is much more complex than one might think due to the many possibilities. The good news is that the right people are at the virtual table having these tough, interesting and educational discussions.

Despite having some heavy rains in November and December the lake is relatively low for this time of year and the snow pack in the mountains seems to be just below average. We really haven’t had much precipitation in January and February. We’ll see how this spring unfolds and cross our fingers that we don’t have another wicked warm heat dome or another super dry year like 2019. Times are changing and we need to consider how to adapt. Until next time – take care.

2 thoughts on “What’s Happening?

  1. Thank you for this update. I see that you have noted two important things. The first is that the lake level is a relatively low for this time of year and the second is that the snow pack level is below average. This is interesting. It is time for Weir Management to kick in. Please have the organization responsible for managing the level of the lake do their job and start to retain water so we don’t run out of water during the summer months when it is dryer. The goal in the past was to keep the lake level full until the end of July and slowly release water until the fall rains start to fill the lake again. Thank you.

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