December 10 Presentation – Thank You!

I just wanted to thank everyone for making the December 10 virtual presentation regarding the Weir Preliminary Design a success. Most importantly we had over 100 participants and you really added value with all of your great questions. Under the ‘Weir Design’ TAB on this website you can see the presentation and hear the Q&A session. Although we ran out of time, we did address most of the questions and I am hoping it addressed yours. If not, please send me your question through this site. I will do my best to respond over the next couple of weeks.

I would also like to apologize for those who did not receive enough notice regarding this meeting. Apparently some of the letters were delivered well after the meeting date. I take responsibility.

The primary reason for raising the weir is for environmental flows to support fish habitat and create a better environment for salmon in particular. Our Heritage Cowichan river has seen much degradation in it’s fish bearing capability over the past 100 years primarily due to development and climate change. This project is just one of the ways we can help protect one of our finest assets in the Cowichan Valley.

Although not required for fish health or fish passage, items like a walkway over the weir, hydroelectric power, lighting, and recreation are items of interest to people in the area. I agree we need to find the balance between a basic functional design and a design that is pleasing, educational and supports the local community. We will continue with the design in the new year and consider what we have heard.

Stay safe, take care and Best of the Holiday Season to you! Leroy.

One thought on “December 10 Presentation – Thank You!

  1. Thank you! Excellent presentation with good management of Q & A. A great example of Public Engagement/education! Martha Lescher


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