Public Meeting Held to Introduce the Cowichan WUP Process

An open house and information meeting for the Cowichan Water Use Plan was held at the Youbou Hall in Youbou on October 23rd.

Members of the public were provided information on the challenges and changing nature of water management in the Cowichan watershed and an overview of the community planning process for the Cowichan WUP through a series of storyboards and presentations. Representatives from the partner organizations and the project consultant team were on hand to present and answer any questions during the open house and a Question & Answer period.

Over 70 people signed the attendance sheet, and visitors were invited to record their written comments on a feedback poster. Further information was provided for how to keep informed and get involved throughout the planning process. Those interested in volunteering were invited to submit an application to participate on the Public Advisory Group (PAG).

Image 2017-10-24_12-24-09-007.jpeg