Thank you to the 60 attendees who joined us for a live presentation on July 8, 2021. A recording of the presentation is available below.

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Please join us for a live presentation on July 8, 2021.
Presentation: 6 to 7 PM
Q&A: 7 to 8 PM
Online public link:

Call-in number: 1-844-992-4726
Call-in access code: 187 684 4800

We will answer questions during the live presentation on July 8, 2021.

8 thoughts on “July 8 Project Update

  1. Will the Shoreline Assessment include parts of the river? There are many homes close to the river that are affected by high levels seasonally. If rain happens to be excessive after the weir is built and there needs to be a release of water, how will this affect these homes and properties?

    1. The assessment will look at some of the properties along the river but not it’s entire length. The early assessment work shows that the flow down the river through the new weir would not be any higher than what has already been experienced over the past 60 years, even if there was a release. The highest flow condition will still be in the winter months when the weir is totally submerged and has no control over flows, similar to what happens with the existing weir.

  2. Have there been any power generation options explored with the new design? There are several very low head turbines available that could be implemented (as little as 0.6m) These would not only offset the building costs but also provide a reliable power source and help us towards a greener future. There is a serious lack of renewable power in Lake Cowichan!

    1. Hydro power was briefly explored and it didn’t have the cost/benefit to pursue much further. These units add additional installation cost and ongoing maintenance costs. They also require local expertise to continually manage and maintain. If a cold water siphon system were to be set up, it may provide a more cost effective, steady state and reliable scenario to utilize hydro electricity.
      Solar panels seem to be more viable at this stage with the opportunity to locate them on top of the control building and the on top of the gate structure.

      1. Once you’ve allowed a hydro option to function, would it only become bigger in time as demand is increased with population? The Heritage River designation would be revoked. Protections on a Federal level are against such development – as well as a limit to recreation sports on the river.

      2. At this point a hydro option is not be pursued and is not part of the final design.

  3. During construction, what measures will be made to safeguard spawning areas in the river from silt.

    1. During construction there will be pumps inside the coffer walls (inside the construction site) to capture the seepage and this will then be treated to minimize silt discharge. There will also be silt curtains to capture and minimize siltation as well as onsite water monitoring to ensure standards are adhered to.

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